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Android 4.4 KitKat Is The Next Version of Android (9/3/2013) - Android chief Sundar Pichai tweeted a picture of a gigantic Android KitKat robot in front of the Google base to celebrate that Android recently hit 1 Billion Activations. After Jelly Bean the next version of Android OS will be called KitKat under the number of 4.4 and promises to make amazing Android experience for everybody. […]
Top 8 Android Tablets (2013 August) (8/16/2013) - We’ve selected the 8 most popular 7-8 inch size Android tablet hits from Amazon and put them in order according to customers’ ratings and the number of customers who rated them. The list includes tablets from 2012 and 2013. We read the feedbacks and our #1 criteria was the popularity and customer satisfaction. If you click […]
Is Google the Center of the Online Universe? (8/15/2013) - I could list tens if not hundreds of startups that have changed the e-world around us but I’d say Google is the most innovative internet “startup” up to date. They organized and made it possible to find whatever information you are looking for online. It’s true there were other companies addressing the same issue years […]
Apple, Google, others agree to settle lawsuit over anticompetitive no-hire policies (4/24/2014) -

Apple, Google, Adobe, and Intel have all agreed to settle a upcoming antitrust lawsuit based around a no-hire agreement between the companies, reports Reuters. The case, which gained class-action status last October, claimed that the four companies all had no-hire agreements which helped keep employee wages artificially low.

The case was based on no-hire policies that were in place from 2005 to 2009; back in October, California district court judge Lucy Koh ruled that the antitrust concerns of the "overarching conspiracy" made it reasonable to try the case as a class-action lawsuit. Rather than go to trial at the end of May as originally planned, the four companies have agreed to settle with the class, which included some 64,000...

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Google+ boss Vic Gundotra is leaving the company (4/24/2014) -

Vic Gundotra, a longtime Google employee who has led Google+ since the beginning, is leaving the company. In a post on Google+, Gundotra says he wants to try new things. "Now is the time for a new journey," he wrote. "A continuation." The news was first reported by ReCode, and had been rumored two days ago on the app Secret. The social network will now reportedly be led by David Besbris, a Google vice president of engineering. He apparently got the job over Gundotra's top lieutenant at the social network, Bradley Horowitz.

Gundotra joined Google almost eight years ago after a long career at Microsoft. He was a vocal, cheerful presence at news events, and was responsible for shaping and implementing Google+ features like "circles" of...

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Google, Microsoft and Facebook launch $3.6 million project to stop the next Heartbleed (4/24/2014) -

The sudden chaos of the Heartbleed bug drove home just how much of the web relies on OpenSSL software, and just how little was being spent to maintain it. But in the aftermath, some of the biggest players in tech are coming together to change that, and hopefully spot the next Heartbleed before it can wreak quite as much havoc.

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